Lake Powell and Amangiri Featured in Vogue

Lake Powell and Amangiri resort were featured in the January 2010 issue of VOGUE magazine.  Featuring model  Daria Werbowy and photos by  Patrick Demarchelier the pictures are shot around Lake Powell, in a slot canyon and a few at the new Mega Resort, Amangiri.

The Lake Powell area makes a perfect place for photo shoots, commercials, movies, and music videos, all which have been shot here.

From The Fashion

With Lake Powell being 186 miles long and having almost 2000 miles of shoreline there are plenty of photographic opportunities. Lake Powell makes up 13% of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area leaving many areas totally unexplored. Hiking, camping, fishing, tracing dinosaur footprints in the sand, rock climbing, it is all here.

To see the rest of the photos check out
Fashion Times Article



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2 comments on “Lake Powell and Amangiri Featured in Vogue
  1. harlan says:

    I want to see a photo shoot by our very own native america women. a 12 month calender done all over the Lake Powell area. from Lone Rock Beach,Antelope Point Canyon and marina,to tower Butte as well the Vermillion Cliffs area. an undertaking of this size has only been once over 25 years ago. it would be good for a tourism stand point. so many calendars have be done in and around our area. why not locals? please help in contacting our native models in pursuing an all native calendar contact thank you for all your help & what we as a Page community can and will accomplish in the future!

  2. heather says:


    What a great idea! I remember back to a photo I saw of Miss Navajo years ago that was so well done it was hard to stop looking at. You are correct, it would be great from a tourism stand point.


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