7 Southern Utah Natural Wonders

I found this article and am reprinting it with permission. That said – there are so many Southern Utah Natural Wonders, a list of just 7 does not begin to cover the vastness of creation down here :) Thanks LifeCoach for the reprint.

You have heard of the 7 wonders world, well I made my own list, the 7 wonders of Southern Utah. A list of incredible structures you just have to see in this great state.

1. The Arches

Of course the Arches National Park in Utah is going to be on this list. These sandstone formations have become a symbol of Utah. Especially the delicate Arch this beautiful arch sits on the top of a huge canyon and seems to be the only wonderful work of art within 100 miles when you are looking directly at it.

No other structure makes such a beautiful picture, and appears so isolated.

2. Rainbow Bridge

The rainbow bridge is the largest natural bridge the world has known and is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year. This structure towers across Lake Powell and is one of the most interesting rocks you will ever see.

It is still amazing to think that something like this formed by nature with no outside help from an incredible sculptor. There are a number of boat tours that will take you down to the bridge where you can see it first hand for yourself, but it is crowded so you will have to make an appointment.

3. Hovenweep National Monument

Hovenweep National Monument is the only man-made attraction on this list. This is an ancient Indian village many of the houses are still intact. You will need to come down to this area in order to appreciate it fully.
I love history, and there is no better place to see ancient Indian houses up close then Hovenweep.

4. The Wave

The Wave is in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. The canyon is like no other in the world. It resembles a large ocean and the waves are clearly visible and makes an incredible site to see. It is something that I have wanted to see for a very long time.

It is pretty hard to visit it however. Only a few people are allowed to visit the canyon each month and you normally have to make a reservation several months in advance. They do hold regular raffles so if you want to try your luck and drive down there you are welcome to.

5. Natural Bridges National Monument

Natural Bridges National Monument is home to some amazing structures including the second largest natural bridge known to man after the Rainbow Bridge. This park is filled with fun hikes, interesting rock structures and breathtaking views.

It is a great place to visit.

6. Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is famous for having unforgettable overlooks. Bryce point alone is well worth the trip. These amazing views will send anyone into a state of awe.

7. Canyonland Needles

Last but not least is the Canyonland Needles. The needles are amazing rock structures souring out of the ground. It is simply astonishing how large these structures actually get and make you feel tiny by comparison.



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