State Trust Lands Bonuses Called Into Question by Utah Legislature

Yesterday, October 21st, the Salt Lake Tribune ran an article titled
“Legislative leaders outraged by land agency bonuses”
stating that several leaders were angered by SITLA – the Utah School and Trust Lands Administration, who gave themselves bonuses 2 months early in order to avoid a prohibition on bonuses this year. SITLA fired back saying it was simply an accounting move.

I am not going to cover the whole article, but it states how one SITLA manger received a $35,000 bonus and then a $36,000 bonus on the same day – June 30th.

Here’s my take – I live in Big Water, a town in which State Trust Lands owns @75% of the actual ground due to a land swap that occurred when President Clinton made the Grand Staircase Monument, and I have never understood the bonuses. There has been talk for years of doing away with the bonuses, but the legislature seems unwilling to do so.

I am not sure I understand the “outrage” on the legislature’s part either over something that has been a point of irritation for many in Utah for years. In February a legislative fiscal analyst recommended doing away with the bonuses all together. SITLA responded the bonuses are a important incentive for the land managers.  Do Land Managers need bonuses between $13,000 and $35,000 to manage state land with the directive to benefit our school children the best financial way?

I would love to hear your take on this issue – please weigh in below.



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