Lake Powell Water Forecast Update June 2010

For the past 2 weeks Lake Powell has been increasing between one half and three quarters of a foot each day. The US Bureau Of Reclamation is predicting Lake Powell will peak out around 3635 feet above seal level or 65 feet from “full”. Typical high water for the year occurs during the first week of July.

The Castle Rock Cut is open with 26 feet of water.

Antelope Point launch ramp is open with 49 feet of water.

The snowpack that drains into Lake Powell is at 41% of average while the precepitation for the year is at 90%.

Forecasted inflow to Lake Powell is 5.1 million acre feet (maf) for the April to July runoff time. Lake Powell is required to release 8.23 maf of water a year past Lee’s Ferry to be delivered to the lower basin states of AZ, CA, NV and the country of Mexico.



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