Lake Powell Real Estate of the Ancient Variety

Betatakin Ruins 1 by Rankinstudio

Here is a beautiful Panorama Shot of Betatakin
(Click Photo To Make Full Size)

What Real Estate web site would be complete without a look into the past to find those who have called these pieces of property “home”? You won’t find these homes listed on the MLS.

This begins a several part series on the real estate remains of the people who were here before the current inhabitants.

The Lake Powell area specifically, and the Colorado Plateau generally, was home to several Native American Tribes. The Ancestral Puebloans, or Anaszai, lived on the plateau from about 400 to 1400 when they disappeared from this area. Tree ring studies have shown that a extended drought hit this region lasting upwards of 40 years. Drought or war? Whichever reason this town was abandoned.

This photo is “Betatakin” (Navajo word for “Ledge House”) on the Navajo National Monument. It is estimated about 120 people lived in this village but only for about 50 years – from 1250-1300. The site was found well stocked with supplies as if they were coming back, but never did. Betatakin is thought to be ruins of the modern Hopi. Navajo people used it as well later in the 1500’s and now people can walk through it and get a taste of life in a small village of the past.

Betatakin Ruins by Rankinstudio



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