Lake Powell Makes the Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times did a feature story on Lake Powell last week focusing on not only the sheer amount of water we received this year but also the lake fluctuations.

Bounty at Lake Powell follows record dry stretch

(I shot this last week of Glen Canyon Dam and the start of Lake Powell which goes back from here 186 miles.)Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam

It is always cool as a “local” to see your friends names in print. Dave Panu, owner of Hidden Canyon Kayak is mentioned. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area facility manager, Chris Hughes, is interviewed as well.

The change in the lake this year has been dramatic and welcome. This article in the LA Times describes some of the challenges faced by those responsible for keeping the moving docks accessible and services open. Our campers and tourists, while happy with the extra water, are finding less beach area than last year but more canyons to explore. We will take the extra water….. thank you very much!!

Once again, this is a great article on Lake Powell so swing by the Times and give it a read!

Bounty at Lake Powell follows record dry stretch

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