New Additions to The Lake Powell Real Estate Blog

I’ve decided to start a couple of new feature items for The Lake Powell Real Estate Blog. The Lake Powell area is such an amazing, breath-taking place, and has wonderful business owners to serve the millions of tourists visiting here every year, I am going to start two new features. While these will not run every week, keep an eye out for them.

Lake Powell Mondays will feature a local business. Not only will the focus be on the service industry but also on doctors, home repair stores, and of course, our local tour companies.

Lake Powell Fridays will focus on some of the outstanding tours, hikes, climbs, and walks our area has to offer.  Places such as Rainbow Bridge, Antelope Canyon, Navajo Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, The Hanging Gardens and Glen Canyon Dam tours will be some of the places talked about.

I’ve lived in this remarkable area for almost 20 years and have always loved sharing the beauty of it. I hope you’ll enjoy the new series and feel free to write and let me know what you would like to see covered.



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2 comments on “New Additions to The Lake Powell Real Estate Blog
  1. David Joseph says:

    Hey great idea! and cool name to boot, mondays and fridays…very clever.I love the background on your website too. We need more community minded people like you Heather. I am really excited for this summer and hope we get a chance to work together and get some property sold!

  2. heather says:

    David – Hi and Thanks for stopping by. David Rankin took the background photo from a flight he did up to Hite Marina last summer.

    I agree, I am really looking forward to the summer and let’s get some of these beautiful properties sold!

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