Meanwhile A Bit of Genealogy

Some of you know, and for those that don’t, I’ve been doing genealogy (yes, that is the proper spelling)  for some 25 odd years and ran a privately held library for 7 years.  Several years ago I slowed down my research to focus on other things…. family (the live ones), real estate and music but genealogy is always  on my desk, which explains my desk.

Today in the mail was a wonderful surprise from a distant cousin in Norway, Ole Gladhaug. Years ago I sent him some research I did on my Norwegian ancestors and in return, he sent me a lovely book. What struck me tho, was the first thing I read when I opened it.

“Anne and Ole had one daughter and ten sons, but six or seven of the boys died in infancy. Thus, only the daughter and three or four of the sons survived to adulthood. ”

Ann and Ole are my great- great- grandparents.

As we move through our busy, connected lives, statements on the reality of the past, for me, tend to put things in perspective.



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6 comments on “Meanwhile A Bit of Genealogy
  1. Bonnie Williams says:

    I was just loaned a geneology book today on my ancestors from Norway and page 11 under Anne Mikkelsdatter it says “Anne & Ole had one daughter and ten sons, but six or seven of the boys died in infancy. The daughter and 3 or 4 sons survived. They have a large number of descendants living in Utah, using surname Garder or Gorder. Is this your ancestor?

  2. heather says:


    Hi. Yes. Anne and Ole were my great grandfathers parents. My great-grandfather is Carl Ole Gorder. My grandmother was born Clara Lenore Gorder. I have a lot of info on this line, but need to get it on my laptop which I can do this evening. Do you tie into this line in Utah?

  3. Bonnie Williams says:

    I am in Wisconsin. This is really getting interesting! Feel free to email me.

  4. Bonnie Williams says:

    In checking my book, it seems that my family comes from Arne Mikkelson Gladhaug, who it says, was the only brother of Ole Gladhaug to survive.

  5. Bonnie Williams says:

    My book was written by Ole Gladhaug, an English version but, after the history of the family while in Norway and then immigrating to US, then concentrates on the lines from Arne. Is the Ole that wrote my book the same one you mention as your distant cousin in Norway?

  6. heather says:


    Yes, Same book – Same Line :)

    I tried to get my info transferred to my laptop last night, but it wouldn’t transfer. I’ll get it in the next few minutes and send you my ancestor chart on that line!

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