Crazy Week

There has been a several day lapse in blogs around here – it’s been a crazy week.

I love technology but let me qualify that by saying “when it works”.

Early last week our ISP had a contractor come to Page for what was supposed to be a easy upgrade to add  more bandwidth. When the switch was made early Tuesday morning our service died. For three days these folks were out there trying to figure out what possibly could have caused the outage, and then limited service, while there was no access to my email or to the Lake Powell Real Estate Blog.

Thankfully I could drive in to work and check email when necessary and by Thursday afternoon we were back up and running faster!

Knowing how frustrated I get when I can’t figure out a tech problem, these folks working on the upgrade must have been in overdrive. Sure is a reminder how much we depend on the computers, email, internet access and cell phones around here.

So now we are back up and running keep an eye out for new featured listings, a break down on the $8,000 home buyers tax credit and a feature on the Southern Utah University Ballroom Dance team who are coming to Page on March 20th!



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