Call to Action : NPS Off Road Commentary for Lake Powell DUE!

Comment to NPS on Lake Powell Off Road Usage Here

If you enjoy off-road vehicle use around Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, I highly recommend getting a comment in. They are reviewing the off road vehicle use policies around the Lake Powell, including Lone Rock Beach, and Crosby Canyon.

Use the link above to read document and comment before the comment period ends 11/24/2010!

There are several options being considered, however, this is a National Recreation Area which, while managed by National Park Service, is not a National Park and needs to be left open for recreation.

Offroading and Lone Rock have gone hand in hand for many years and provides great family time for not only locals but also visitors from all over the world.

Alternative A stays with the current road management policy – while Alternative E basically bans all off road vehicles useage including Crosby Canyon, Warm Creek, Bullfrog North and South, Copper Canyon, Dirty Devil, Farley Canyon, Red Canyon and numerous others. Alternative C closes 8 beach areas to off road usage as well as all unpaved roads in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to all ATV’s including street legal ATV’s.

While I know this takes a few moments to do, we need to make our voices heard if we are to continue to enjoy our public lands with our family and friends. This action has come about due to a law suit filed against the National Park Service.

At Your Leisure, family outdoor TV, did a feature on this issue this morning. As soon as it is available online i will post the link to it as they did a great job explaining the action.

Once again the link is
Comment of the Glen Canyon Lake Powell Off Road Vehicle Scoping

Please take a moment, make your voice heard, and keep our public lands accessible.

From The NPS Press Release:

The ORV Vehicle Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will evaluate a range of alternatives associated with recreational ORV use at Glen Canyon and their environmental impacts. Currently, off-road driving occurs at several of Glen Canyon’s accessible shorelines and at Lone Rock Beach. Off-road driving in these locations allows the public to leave the designated road and drive to Lake Powell’s shoreline to fish, camp, picnic, boat, or engage in other recreational activities. In addition, the EIS will evaluate the existing high intensity ORV use at Lone Rock Beach Play Area, all-terrain vehicle travel on park roads and ORV use at the Ferry Swale area.



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