Flash Flood Season – Use Caution – A Lot of It!

UPDATE: Sept 3, 2010 – Received a stunning photo of the water leaving Antelope Canyon http://www.lakepowellrealty.net/2010/09/03/antelope-flash-flood-photo/


Yesterday 8 people were trapped in Antelope Canyon outside of Page, Arizona, and near Lake Powell when a medium sized flash flood smashed into the canyon. Happily everyone exited the canyon safely and all will have terrifying stories to tell.

Here is the only news article so far on the event yesterday from the AZ Daily Sun

Eight People Rescued from Antelope Canyon

Sandfall in Antelope Canyon

This time of year is beautiful at Lake Powell and in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona – temps cool down a bit with the building of afternoon thundershowers as we are on the Northern end of the seasonal monsoonal flows. However, it can also be deadly. In 1997, eleven hikers lost their life in our beautiful Antelope Canyon when a flash flood overtook them.

Last week 3 hikers were lucky to survive their brush with a flash flood as it washed them down a canyon in Zion National Park after an inch of rain fell in 30 minutes. (see article below)

It is critically important to check the weather where you are hiking, and if there is any chance of storms, stay out of the canyons. Many don’t realize that it was the awesome force of the water which created the canyons.

Educate Yourself!

Flash Flood Links

New Flash Flood Footage Shot by David Rankin 07-30-10 at Wahweap Creek Which Flows in to Lake Powell (Shot same day as Antelope Canyon Flood)

Flash Flood Information and Video at David Rankin’s website – Rankinstudio

Antelope Canyon Photos and History – by Heather Rankin

National Park Service Video on Flash Floods – Glen Canyon National Recreation Area – by Ranger David Rankin

Recent flood victims in Zion as reported by The Washington Post

Antelope Canyon



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3 comments on “Flash Flood Season – Use Caution – A Lot of It!
  1. heather says:

    Sylwia — Thank You SO Much for that great photo. I will post a link to it on my facebook, twitter, and put another post up about it.

    It must have been terribly frightening to have been through the flood. Thanks again!

  2. heather says:

    Sylwia – Hi. I tried to post this on your photo site but could not figure out how to. Here is the new post I did about your photo


    Great Shot!

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