Puppy Rescued from Slot Canyon By Page, AZ Survives

Last week I was in the Page Animal Hospital picking up pet food and ended up witnessing an amazing turn of events. The day before, a man, Zac Anderegg, had been hiking in a local 350 foot deep slot canyon when he came across an almost dead puppy.  He climbed back out of the canyon, then back down to give the pup some water, then out again to go find help in the city of Page. Unable to get the help of local officials Zac rigged up a cat carrier to his climbing gear and went back in the canyon the next morning and rescued the dog.

When I was at the Page Animal Hospital the team was still unsure if the puppy was going to live and they were waiting for results of blood tests. Zac looked exhausted and the staff was tense.

Tonight on KSL and Fox13 I saw the story and what a treat! I had called the hospital several days later and found out puppy had lived so I knew that much. What I was unaware of is that Zac had video taped large portions of the rescue and the expenses for puppy were paid mostly out of the Page Animal Hospital Angel Fund.


Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Here is the link to the raw home video of the rescue

I think it is wonderful  a news agency picked up and went with this story. Everyone involved should be recognized for the time and effort which went into this rescue.  I don’t know Zac and Michelle but in this day and age where life seems expendable, how rare someone would go to these lengths for a puppy.  Dr. Roundtree and Dr. Dean, as well as all of the staff, have gone the extra mile “or two” with my pets over the last 20 years and I gladly donate to the Angel Fund.  Thank You All!

More Information

Page Animal Hospital Angel Fund

Previous article on the Page Animal Hospital Angel Fund

Page Animal Hospital Website

Fox 13 News Story with more video



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10 comments on “Puppy Rescued from Slot Canyon By Page, AZ Survives
  1. Sandy says:

    Kudos to this young man for saving this unfortunate pup. Somehow this pup had a guardian angel looking over him by sending this young man to save him from a painful death. Shame on the people who would do this do a dog and shame on the officials of Page who would not lend a hand.


  2. heather says:


    Hi. I agree. The pet problem around the Page area is pretty bad. The Human Society is active and I have done fostering for them over the years. There is a new Page Animal Shelter with Angie at the helm which works to rescue and adopt animals.

  3. Linda Clark says:

    I was greatly touched when I saw that sweet face. I just lost my dog of 14 years and I would love to adopt this dog. I will be at the Grand Canyon for vacation the week of Aug 6th. If the puppy is still available, give me a call or email me. I live in Lakeview, Arkansas on Bull Shoals Lake. (870) 405-0323.

  4. heather says:


    Hi. I too lost a dog in April – amazingly sad but happy for the time I had her.

    The puppy, to my understanding, is in Park City, Utah where Zac lives. I’ll keep following the story and see where the lucky puppy ends up!

  5. Dawn says:

    Our world needs more people like Zac and Animal Hospitals like Page Animal Hospital! It would be a much better place for our children to grow up in! As for the “officials” of Page, I only hope they are as fortunate as puppy, having a truly caring person like Zac find them should they find themselves in such a horrific predicament. Because if someone like them happened to find them, they would actually understand how important it is to have good Samaritans in our world. SHAME on ALL OF YOU who refused to help save an innocent life!!!!

  6. gabriele spuckes says:

    Hello, We saw the story of this sweet puppy and we are also interested in adopting this beautiful baby. We lost our sweet lab who was part of our family for 13 years one year ago and this story really spoke to us. Please provide us with information about the puppy and the possible chance of adopting. Thank you.
    Gabriele Spuckes

  7. Dawna Fisher says:

    If this puppy has not found a home as of yet, I would be proud to be its owner. I am seeking a link to adopt it, but have been unable to come across a link that can put me in touch with the wonderful rescuer and his wife. I love him already!!!

  8. toad says:

    This man was in this canyon illegally, the fire fighter or “officails” as they are called here do their best to save the lives of people. This canyon is extremely dangerous,(which is why it is closed to hiking)putting our fire fighters at such risk for a dog is as absurd as shameing them for not taking this risk. The difficulty of this canyon also rules out the “putting” of this dog in the canyon. No one braves a treacherous canyon to deposit a puppy, that is rediculous. Please refrain from shaming our firefighters in Page they do a heck of a job and cannot jump down every canyon to save every dog. Stay out of slot canyons you have no business or permission to enter and dont sesationalize stories and rip Page’s finest.

  9. heather says:

    Toad – I posted the story because I happened to be at the Vets office and watched that end of it. I think the Page Angel fund is one of the greatest animal things in our area given the “pet” problems we all know exist here. I have written a couple of blogs on it in the hopes of getting more donations flowing.

    I have no idea what Canyon he was in, and it was not my intention, in any shape or form, to say anything negative about our fire department. This is rough country and they do awesome.

  10. donna says:

    I work for Page Animal Hospital, Zak was great to rescue this pup but to put down the fire dept. in page was silly if someone in Page needed a fire put out or needed to go to the hospital and our small dept. was rescueing a pup. I am sure their priority was the people of page. I have watched over the last 7 years the staff at Page animal hospital rescue and treat too many animals to even remember. I am glad Zak has been given so much for his rescue but I ask that page animal hospital not be forgotten we paid for much of Zaks pups treatment, just like we do for many other needy animals. We have an over supply of beautiful kittens that are in need of good homes. Donna

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