How to Support NPR in Page AZ from KNAU

This came from the Page Lake Powell Chamber a couple of days ago. I’ve been an active listener to NPR on KNAU for many years all the while bemoaning the in and out reception in the Lake Powell area.

I would encourage anyone locally, who enjoys NPR, to donate and help get good reception in the Lake Powell area.

Support Public Radio in Page! You can listen to NPR News in Page on KNAU (91.7 and 102.7 FM.) KNAU News connects Page to the county seat and state capitol and brings our area programs like Car Talk and A Prairie Home Companion. 

To continue their non-commercial service in Page KNAU is soliciting funds for a satellite downlink that costs approximately $12,000.  We encourage all KNAU listeners in the Page area to contribute on-line at (click “Pledge Now” and be say you want KNAU service continued in Page under the “What Do You Like About KNAU.”) 

Or you can call in a contribution during KNAU’s Fall Pledge Drive October 16 – 23 at (928) 523-5628.  For more information call KNAU General Manager John Stark at (928) 523-4499 or email



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