Household Tips and Fun – Murphy's Oil Soap

A conversation the other morning between a couple of marketing folks and myself got around to the idea that we should write what we a passionate about. I jokingly said “Murphy’s Oil Soap“. The response was amazing and after the initial “what?” the questions started. I’ve complied a list of uses, however, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the golden soap applications.

Mix the Murphy’s Oil Soap with water at about a 10:1 ratio. It if is too thick, it will be too bubbly and can leave a film. Too weak, and it won’t do the job. For really bad areas use with a toothbrush straight out of the bottle and then rinse off.Murphy’s Oil Soap

1. The Gunk on car steering wheels, gear shift knobs and anything hands touch in the car. This includes the dashboard, the lock buttons and the window controls.

2. Any organic spill on the carpet – works great on wine (test on unseen small part of carpet first!)

3. Walls…… any hand prints, finger prints, spots, etc. on walls come beautifully clean with Murphy’s.

4. Kitchen Floors

5. Kitchen Cabinets

6. Bathroom Floors

7. Bathroom Cabinets

8. Before vacuuming wipe edges of the carpet next to the wall to get all lint, pet hair, dust away from the wall.

9. The inside of the refrigerator

10. Any wood or wood venere item can be shined up.

11. Leather coats and couches, etc.

Enjoy and add to list if you know other uses!



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2 comments on “Household Tips and Fun – Murphy's Oil Soap
  1. Jason Berman says:

    Great post. I have another fantastic product, Mr. Cleans magic eraser. It takes marks off anything. Cleans up my laptop to like new!

  2. heather says:

    I’ve heard of the magic erasers, but have never tried them. My daughter-in-law thinks the eraser is awesome. Guess I need to pick up a box and give them a try. Thanks for stopping by!

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