Happy 95th Birthday to the National Park Service

Happy Birthday to the National Park Service – 95 Years Old Today

It is hard to image our country without a Yellowstone National Park, or a Grand Canyon or even a Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. While Yellowstone was set aside in 1872 it was not until 1919 that the National Park Service was formed.

Glen Canyon is a National Recreation Area managed by the National Park Service and as such has different management goals than say, Yellowstone or The Grand Canyon.  The following is a short film…….

Resource Management Short Film

produced by my son, David Rankin, who works for Glen Canyon and has been producing their podcasts and e-hikes.  This  short film he did on the Science and Resource Management division of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area for a school project explains very diverse nature of the area and the care that goes into managing it.

Click on the title to view the film on the Glen Canyon Website. It is entertaining, informative and you just can’t beat the scenery!



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