Amangiri at Lake Powell to Hold Job Fair

I drove across the 60 miles of high desert today from Big Water to Kanab, Utah, then back again, spending the time listing to KXAZ, our local Page, Arizona radio station. As a side note the drive was beautiful as ever but today seemed like the first real burst of spring.

A couple of items of interest:

Dwayne Cassidy, Director of the Page Lake Powell Tourism Bureau, was on Eli Joseph’s midday radio show talking about all things tourism and our outlook for this season. During the interview he mentioned that Saturday, April¬† 25, 2009, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., there is a job fair for folks looking for work at the new Amangiri Resort and Spa at Lake Powell.

While there were not many details given, it looks to be an excellent opportunity to apply for work at the premier resort company, Amanresorts. The job fair will be held at Coconino Community College in Page, which is located on Lake Powell Blvd. next to the library.

Dwayne talked more about the Amangiri Resort, and the dedicated following of clients Amanresorts maintains, through excellent service and attention to detail.  He also mentioned the Amangiri website should be up and running soon.

Stay tuned for more updates…….



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3 comments on “Amangiri at Lake Powell to Hold Job Fair
  1. Dennis Alley says:

    help I was recently laid off from best western arizona inn. I want to where and how to apply at the new amanresort. thank you!

  2. Sandy Israel says:

    do you need any fitness trainers?

  3. heather says:


    I’ll pass on your contact information.


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